About Us

Stanley Pet Services is owned and run by Sarah Liddell. Having worked with animals practically her whole life, and, having moved to Washington, Tyne and Wear in 2016, Sarah felt it was time to bring her knowledge and expertise to her new area. She has since moved to Stanley, County Durham but is keeping on her customers in the Washington and surrounding areas while also taking on new customers in the Stanley, Perkinsville, Grange Villa, Ouston and surrounding areas.

“I have always loved working with animals and have never imagined doing anything else. My grandparents owned their own farm so I spent a large portion of my childhood around sheep, cattle, poultry and horses. Whilst living in Wales I started my own pet sitting and dog walking business when I was just 16 years of age. This lead onto me doing much the same when I moved to County Durham in 2005 (when Ace Animals was born). I have previously worked in a large boarding kennel and cattery establishment whereby I would be responsible for the day to day care of 70+ dogs and 30+ cats. In addition to this, I have extensive experience working with all manner of animals ranging from horses to exotics and everything in between! I have also worked for the RSPCA as an Animal Care Assistant for some years which enabled me to truly appreciate how hard a life rescue animals experience and indeed how difficult it can be for some of them to adjust to a normal life when they get adopted, many of which leaving for their new homes with behavioural problems that sometimes need expert help to fix.  

Whilst on maternity leave from my one and only non-animal based job (pharmaceutical laboratory technician) in 2007, I knew I wanted to get back into animal care so I studied hard (alongside looking after my new baby!) and qualified as an Animal Behaviourist, Animal Trainer and Pet Groomer in 2008. This aided me in my next career path which was the RSPCA where I worked until 2011.  At which point I embarked on my next journey which took me into opening and managing Day Care 4 Paws, a successful Dog Day Care Centre in Consett.  When I moved out of the area, over to Washington in Tyne and Wear in 2016, I started giving some thought into what to do next on my journey into animal care and decided that going back to my roots of pet sitting and dog walking was the best decision of all! I decided to sell the day care centre in July 2017 to focus fully on Washington Pet Services and I haven’t looked back since as we’ve grown so much since then!”


Current and past pets: Poppy (the cocker spaniel), Rosie (the border collie), Max (the cat), Heidi (the cat), Jigsaw (the horse), Peter (the second horse), Ephie (the third horse!), Mitzi (the rabbit), Sid (the ferret), Iggy (the bearded dragon), Twinkles and Minnie (the guinea pigs), numerous budgies, mice, hamsters, gerbils and fish (too many to name individually!) Not to mention the animals who have touched my life such as the temporary foster animals from rescue centres, baby swifts that my daughter and I helped to hand-rear when their nest fell out of a tree that the RSPCA were called in to help with, plenty of tadpoles and froglets and the very adorable ducklings and guinea pigs from my daughters school who sometimes come and stop for their holidays in the mad-house that is our home!!


Other Info: I am the author of The Cat Manual: The Complete Guide to Caring for your Feline Friend (2010) and my second book,
The Complete Book of Dog Care: A Guide to Canine Care, Training and Breeds (2012).

I am a firm believer that hands-on experience counts for far more than any qualification can ever really do when it comes to animal care, hence why I listed my current and past pets above to give some idea as to the vast array of experience I’ve had in this field.  However, I do believe that having a strong knowledge base to back up the hands-on experience goes a long way too.

Qualifications and Experience include: