FAQ: Do you board dogs overnight?

Not currently.

FAQ: Do you offer any discount for advance bookings?

Please see out current prices and offers here

FAQ: Do you look after pets in your own home?

Unfortunately we’re not able to offer this.

FAQ: What do you do on a pet sitting visit?

Ultimately this comes down to what you want us to do and all comes down to what pets you have us looking after. Routinely though, in addition to any pet care we provide we also will pick up any mail and, if requested, can also close/open curtains, turn on/off lights or other measures to make it look like your house isn’t empty while you’re away. If you are particularly worried about people finding out that you’re not home, we can take extra measures such as removing our car magnets off our car door to make it less obvious that your house is being visited by a pet sitter.

FAQ: Do you just look after dogs and cats?

No! We’re happy to look after any animal… although will confess that we’re not keen on spiders!
We have a vast array of experience with lots of different pets ranging from rodents to birds, fish to reptiles up to bigger animals such as farmstock and horses.

FAQ: Are you CRB checked?

Not yet. We have never actually been asked to get this done, we think because we’ve been working in this field for so long, our testimonials and word of mouth counts for a lot. We’d not still be in this line of work if we weren’t trustworthy. Sarah applied for a role as a Special Constable with Northumbria Police back in 2011 and passed all their stages of vetting (which is much more thorough than any CRB/DBS check). Of course, if anyone specifically would like us to get this check done, please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we’re certainly not averse to applying!

FAQ: Do you walk lots of dogs together?

No! This is something we are strongly against and always will be. We do NOT drive around in a van, pick lots of dogs up, take them to a site and let them all run riot for an hour before dumping them all back off at home again. This is something we never will do! Our priority is YOUR dog(s), not cramming as many into every hour of the day possible.

FAQ: We’re nervous about letting a stranger into our home and giving you our key?

This is perfectly understandable. All we can say is that we can give you names and numbers for people to contact privately for references, in addition to reading the testimonials too. We’re fully insured for this line of work and this also covers us for holding keys too. We’ll obviously come to meet you and your pets first too so you can get to know me a bit more then.

Also, as another step towards putting your mind at ease, during your time away, we do keep in touch with all owners (where possible and unless specifically asked not to) even if it is just a simple text message on our first visit to let you know that everything has gone OK and that your pet(s) are well. We’re happy to use things like WhatsApp to send you pictures too.

Further still to this point, when we initially meet you we will ask you if you consent to your pet(s) photographs appearing on our website/Facebook/Twitter account. We never upload photos of your pet(s) while you’re still away from home. We will only upload them once you’re back home.

FAQ: My pet is on medication, can you administer this?

Yes, including injections. However we are unable to guarantee your pet will fully consume any medication provided orally with their food (as some pets of course know its in there and no matter what food is used, they’ll sometimes refuse to eat it!) In instances such as this, we’d administer it orally by the put-it-in-their-mouth-til-they-swallow technique in order to ensure they received their medication if it was something they really needed and you agreed to.

FAQ: My dog suffers from separation anxiety, can you help?

By breaking up your dogs day, this can massively help with their separation anxiety. However, we’re not going to lie, unfortunately this problem is hard to fix once its set in. We’ll be able to recommend a schedule to best help your dog though but this will more than likely involve more than one visit per day, initially at least, and it isn’t a quick problem to fix.

FAQ: My dog is elderly and can’t keep up with young dogs any more, can you help?

Yes! We do not, and never will, offer large group walks that many dog walking businesses offer whereby all dogs on our books get walked in packs. We do both group walks (for those dogs who enjoy this) but this is limited to 2-3 dogs on any given walk alongside also offering solo walks too. So therefore, your elderly dog will be able to walk and exercise at their own pace for the time you want them cared for.

FAQ: Do you accept any breed?

We accept all breeds that are not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act or Wolf Hybrids (for insurance purposes).

All dogs, regardless of breed, undergo an initial trial walk (or sometimes a few walks if their temperament is questionable). After which point we will be honest with you and tell you whether we will accept them longer term or not.

FAQ: Are you insured?

Yes, we will bring a copy of our insurance certificate with us to all initial visit. Our insurance also covers us for holding keys to your property.

FAQ: If we get home earlier than we planned, will we get a refund?

We ask that you are understanding about our no refund policy. Please remember that when you place your booking with us, we often turn other customers away that we couldn’t fit in due to your booking. Refunds are not given at all for any trips that end up being shorter than you planned, regardless of circumstances.

FAQ: What is your cancellation policy?

We ask that at least 24 hours notice is given for cancelling any bookings with us, be this for pet sitting, one off visits, dog walking or training/behavioural consultations. If you cancel less than 24 hours from when we were due to start/see your pet, you will still be charged.